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- xhtml (ex tensible h yper t ext m arkup l anguage) is a family of xml markup language s that mirror or extend versions of the widely used
- xhtml basic is an xml -based structured markup language primarily used for simple (mainly handheld ) user agent s, typically mobile
- xhtml modularization is a methodology for producing modularized markup languages in a number of different schema languages (currently dtd s
- xhtml mobile profile (xhtml mp) is a hypertext ual computer language standard designed specifically for mobile phone s and other resource-
- the w3c recommendations state that xhtml 1.0 documents that follow guidelines set forth in the recommendation's appendix c may be labeled
- xhtml+smil is a w3c note that describes an integration of smil semantics with xhtml and css . it is based generally upon the html+time
- xhtml+rdfa (extensible hypertext markup language + resource description framework in attributes) is an extended version of the xhtml
- html5 is intended to subsume not only html 4 , but also xhtml  1 and dom level 2 html predecessors html 4.01 and xhtml 1.1, html5 is a
- xhtml+voice (commonly x+v) is an xml language for describing multimodal user interfaces . the two essential modalities are visual and
- xhtml friends network (xfn) is an html microformat developed by global multimedia protocols group that provides a simple way to represent

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