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Wrote Wrote, v. i. [OE. wroten. See 1st Root.] To root with the snout. See 1st Root. [Obs.] --Chaucer., Wrote Wrote, imp. & archaic p. p. of Write.

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- write. file:stipula fountain pen. jpg , writing with a pen writing is a medium of communication that represents language through the
- three of the best known examples of such a revolutionary impact are nicolaus copernicus , who wrote de revolutionibus orbium coelestium
- songsmith , the music software , microsoft songsmith a songwriter is an individual who writes song s, also called a composer. date march 2013
- date june 2013 file:mark twain, brady-handy photo portrait, feb 7, 1871, cropped. jpg , mark twain was a prominent american author of the 19
- file:screenplay example. svg , a page of a screenplay a screenwriter or scriptwriter or scenarist is a writer who practices the craft of
- in the 4th century bc, aristotle wrote his poetics , the first play-writing manual. in this benchmark text, aristotle established the
- the media object pre-production. file:screenplay example. svg , sample from a screenplay, showing dialogue and action descriptions
- file:scherzo in a flat (borodin).png , play musical composition can refer to an original piece of music , the structure of a musical piece
- filmmaking screenwriter date october 2009 screenwriting, also called script-writing is the art and craft of writing scripts for mass media
- szilárd dictated a letter in german to the belgian ambassador to the united states to wigner, who wrote it down, and einstein signed it.

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