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- worldwide may refer to: worldwide (everything but the girl album), 1991 worldwide (audio adrenaline album), a 2003 christian rock album '
- bbc worldwide limited is the wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the british broadcasting corporation , formed out of a restructuring of
- the united nations is a worldwide intergovernmental organization that was created with the goal of intervening in the disputes between
- with a worldwide box-office gross of about $2.8 billion, avatar is often proclaimed to be the 'highest-grossing' film, but such claims
- fifa's worldwide organisational structure also consists of several other bodies, under authority of the executive committee or created by
- so-called 'region 0' and 'all' discs are meant to be playable worldwide. the term 'region 0' also describes the dvd players designed or
- common name for the whole of human civilization , specifically human experience , history , or the human condition in general, worldwide, i.e.
- wcw worldwide was a syndicated tv show produced by world championship wrestling . history wide world wrestling: the show began in 1975 (as
- a multinational corporation (mnc) or multinational enterprise (mne is hard to define precisely to obtain consensus from different
- nowadays, the global positioning system (gps) using over thirty satellites enables accurate navigation worldwide. in the second century,

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