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Whose Whose (h[=oo]z), pron. [OE. whos, whas, AS. hw[ae]s, gen. of hw[=a]. See Who.] The possessive case of who or which. See Who, and Which. Whose daughter art thou? tell me, I pray thee. --Gen. xxiv. 23. The question whose solution I require. --Dryden.

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- its derived forms include whom, an objective form whose use is now generally confined to formal english; the possessive form whose; and
- whose obedience contrasts with adam's disobedience christians view jesus as a role model, whose god-focused life believers are encouraged
- name monster high , image file:monster high logo. png , type fashion doll , web series , book series , dvd movie , inventory , country the
- whose line is it anyway. (abbreviated to whose line? or wliia) is a short-form improvisational comedy tv show . originally a british radio
- whose line is it anyway. (often known as simply whose line?) is an improvisational comedy show, which was originally hosted by drew carey
- whose body? is a 1923 novel by dorothy l. sayers , which introduced the character of lord peter wimsey . plot summary: wimsey's mother, the
- whose baby? is a 1917 silent comedy film directed by clarence g. badger and starring gloria swanson cast : bobby vernon gloria swanson
- whose zoo? is a 1918 film featuring stan laurel . cast : kathleen o'connor - katherine. rube miller - rube. stan laurel - stanley. see also
- whose life is it anyway? is a play by brian clark adapted from his 1972 television play of the same title, which starred ian mcshane .
- whose doctor who (a.k.a. ' whose dr. who') was a 60 minute television documentary, (part of the bbc 's the lively arts series) which was

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