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Whereunto Where`un*to", adv. Same as Whereto.

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- 1553 wrote him a letter ‘discharging him from being knight of the bath, whereunto he was once appointed and written unto’ (acts p. c. 1552
- scotland: whereunto is joyned the martyrdom of maister george wyseharte, gentleman … for the blessed gospels sake, printed by j. day and w. serres.
- whereunto is added a treatise, “de facultatibus medicamentorum compositorum et dosibus”, 1655. exercitationes anatomicæ, 2nd edit.
- whereunto are adioyned sundrie pleasant deuises, epigrams, songes, and sonnettes. written by mathewe groue. imprinted at london by abel
- positions of the regions whereunto they were directed; the first containing the personall travels of the english unto indæa, syria, arabia
- publications: whereunto is added an introd. by stanley pargellis, robert wilkinson (flourished around 1607), 1945, edition of 477 copies
- whereunto all men, of what degree soever, are friendly invited to be sharers with the discoverer, g. p., london, 1639. this also appeared
- of quære and petition, the severall heads whereof are set downe in the next page : whereunto is added a short draught of church-government.,
- whereunto are adjoyned brief summaries of doctrine … by the said t. beza: and also short expositionstaken out of the large annotations
- mistrusting their own forces, they sent to angus mackay (the son of niel-wasse) intreating him to come to their aid; whereunto he easily conescended.

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