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Northwestern North`west"ern, a. Of, pertaining to, or being in, the northwest; in a direction toward the northwest; coming from the northwest; northwesterly; as, a northwestern course., Southwestern South`west"ern, a. Of or pertaining to the southwest; southwesterly; as, to sail a southwestern course., Chinquapin Chin"qua*pin, n. (Bot.) A branching, nut-bearing tree or shrub (Castanea pumila) of North America, from six to twenty feet high, allied to the chestnut. Also, its small, sweet, edible nat. [Written also chincapin and chinkapin.] Chinquapin oak, a small shrubby oak (Quercus prinoides) of the Atlantic States, with edible acorns. Western Chinquapin, an evergreen shrub or tree (Castanopes chrysophylla) of the Pacific coast. In California it is a shrub; in Oregon a tree 30 to 125 feet high., Greek schism (Eccl.), the separation of the Greek and Roman churches. Great schism, or Western schism (Eccl.) a schism in the Roman church in the latter part of the 14th century, on account of rival claimants to the papal throne. Schism act (Law), an act of the English Parliament requiring all teachers to conform to the Established Church, -- passed in 1714, repealed in 1719., Wallflower Wall"flow`er, n. 1. (Bot.) A perennial, cruciferous plant (Cheiranthus Cheiri), with sweet-scented flowers varying in color from yellow to orange and deep red. In Europe it very common on old walls. Note: The name is sometimes extended to other species of Cheiranthus and of the related genus Erysimum, especially the American Western wallflower (Erysimum asperum), a biennial herb with orange-yellow flowers. 2. A lady at a ball, who, either from choice, or because not asked to dance, remains a spectator. [Colloq.], Westerner West"ern*er, n. A native or inhabitant of the west., Westernmost West"ern*most`, a. Situated the farthest towards the west; most western.

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- western may refer to: common meanings : western culture , culture(s) that originate from europe. western (genre), a category of fiction and
- the western is a genre of various arts, such as film , television , radio , literature , painting and others. westerns are devoted to
- the western world, also known as the west and the occident (from latin : occidens 'sunset, west'; as contrasted with the orient ) is a term
- western culture, sometimes equated with western civilization, western lifestyle or european civilization, is a term used very broadly to
- western australia (abbreviated as wa note1 , a , a) is a state occupying the entire western third of australia . it is bounded by the
- western europe is the region comprising the westerly countries of europe . while the term has a geographic context, another main
- the western united states, commonly referred to as the american west or simply the west, traditionally refers to the region comprising the
- the university of western ontario, which is commonly referred to among canadian universities as western, is a public research university
- in 1507, the german cartographer martin waldseemüller produced a world map on which he named the lands of the western hemisphere 'america
- the western roman empire, in historiography , refers to the western provinces of the roman empire at any one time during which they were

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