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- a waveform is the shape and form of a signal such as a wave moving in a physical medium or an abstract representation. in many cases the
- waveform audio file format (wave, or more commonly known as wav due to its filename extension (also, but rarely, named audio for windows)
- a waveform monitor is a special type of oscilloscope used in television production applications. it is typically used to measure and
- waveform records is an american record label founded in 1994. it specializes in a 'sensual and stimulating genre of chill and ambient
- wave equation. file:quantumharmonicoscillatoranimation. gif , some trajectories of a harmonic oscillator (a ball attached to a spring ) in
- waveform is an action , puzzle game created by indie developer eden industries. you control a wave of light as it transmits through
- an octopus circuit can be used to demonstrate the waveform images on an oscilloscope. two phase-shifted sinusoid inputs are applied to
- a waveform viewer is a software tool for viewing the signal levels of either a digital or analog circuit design. waveform viewers comes in
- an arbitrary waveform generator (awg) is a piece of electronic test equipment used to generate electrical waveform s. these waveforms can
- waveform shaping in electronics is the modification of the shape of an electronic waveform . it is in close connection with waveform

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