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Invillaged In*vil"laged (?; 48), p. a. Turned into, or reduced to, a village. [Obs.] --W. Browne., Villager Vil"la*ger, n. An inhabitant of a village. Brutus had rather be a villager Than to repute himself a son of Rome Under these hard condition. --Shak., Villagery Vil"lage*ry, n. Villages; a district of villages. [Obs.] ``The maidens of the villagery.' --Shak.

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- a village is a clustered human settlement or community , larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town with the population ranging from a
- in the united states , the meaning of 'village' varies by geographic area and legal jurisdiction. in many areas, 'village' is a term,
- the state is divided into counties, cities, towns, and villages, which are all municipal corporation s with their own government that
- greenwich village often referred to by locals as simply 'the village', is a largely residential neighborhood on the west side of lower
- this is a list of incorporated towns and villages in illinois , arranged in alphabetical order. incorporated towns and villages are two
- because these settlements lack a council of their own, there is usually an ortsvorsteher (village or parish chair) appointed by the larger
- a civil parish can range in size from a large town with a population of around 80,000 to a single village with fewer than a hundred
- geographically, a village's extent is contained within a prefecture . subdivided into towns and villages with no overlap and no uncovered area.
- villa (población) , villa ', 'es:ciudad , ciudad '—respectively 'village', 'town', 'city'); italian: 'it:villaggio , villaggio ', 'it:paese
- political jurisdiction from a sovereign state, such as the principality of monaco , or a small village, such as west hampton dunes, new york .

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