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Viennese Vi`en*nese", a. Of or pertaining to Vienna, or people of Vienna. -- n. sing. & pl. An inhabitant, or the inhabitants, of Vienna.

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- viennese may refer to: vienna , the capital of austria. viennese german , the german dialect spoken in vienna. music of vienna , musical styles
- viennese cafés: file:café demel interior4, vienna. jpg , demel café viennese café s have an extremely long and distinguished history that dates
- viennese waltz (wiener walzer) is the genre of a ballroom dance . at least three different meanings are recognized. music of viennese waltz.
- viennese german. (weanarisch, weanerisch, wienerisch. is the city dialect spoken in vienna , the capital of austria and is counted among the
- viennese cuisine is the cuisine that is characteristic of vienna , austria , and a majority of its residents. viennese cuisine is often
- austrian cuisine, which is often incorrectly equated with viennese cuisine, is derived from the cuisine of the austro-hungarian empire .
- viennese classicism: viennese classicism. century, such as joseph haydn and ludwig van beethoven ; this was called viennese classicism http://www.
- the second viennese school. (zweite wiener schule, neue wiener schule. is the group of composer s that comprised arnold schoenberg and his
- viennese actionism was a short and violent movement in 20th-century art . it can be regarded as part of the many independent efforts of
- the viennese coffee house (wiener kaffeehaus) is a typical institution of vienna that played an important part shaping viennese culture.

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