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Victoria Vic*to"ri*a, n. [NL.] 1. (Bot.) A genus of aquatic plants named in honor of Queen Victoria. The Victoria regia is a native of Guiana and Brazil. Its large, spreading leaves are often over five feet in diameter, and have a rim from three to five inches high; its immense rose-white flowers sometimes attain a diameter of nearly two feet. 2. A kind of low four-wheeled pleasure carriage, with a calash top, designed for two persons and the driver who occupies a high seat in front. 3. (Astron.) An asteroid discovered by Hind in 1850; -- called also Clio. Victoria cross, a bronze Maltese cross, awarded for valor to members of the British army or navy. It was first bestowed in 1857, at the close of the Crimean war. The recipients also have a pension of [pounds]10 a year. Victoria green. (Chem.) See Emerald green, under Green. Victoria lily (Bot.), the Victoria regia. See def. 1, above., Victoria Vic*to"ri*a, n. One of an American breed of medium-sized white hogs with a slightly dished face and very erect ears.

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- victoria may refer to: given name : victoria (name), word origin and list of people. queen victoria of the united kingdom, empress of india
- victoria (abbreviated as vic.) is a state in the south-east of australia . victoria is australia's most densely populated state and its
- queen victoria (alexandrina victoria; 24 may 1819 22 january 1901) was the monarch of the united kingdom of great britain and ireland from
- victoria. v , ? , k , ? , t , ?r , i , ? is the capital city of british columbia , canada and is located on the southern tip of vancouver
- london victoria station, generally known as victoria is a central london railway terminus and london underground complex named after
- the victoria cricket team (nicknamed the bushrangers) is an australian first class cricket team based in melbourne , victoria .
- victoria is a city in the state of texas , united states . it is the county seat of victoria county . the population was 62,592 as of the
- is the capital and most populous city in the state of victoria , and the second most populous city in australia melbourne is the common
- the victoria cross (vc) is the highest military decoration awarded for valour 'in the face of the enemy' to members of the armed forces of
- lake victoria (nam lolwe in luo ; victoria nyanza in bantu ) is one of the african great lakes . named after queen victoria , by david

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