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- venice. (lang , ? , v , ? , n , ? , s; venezia ve?n?ttsia , it-venezia. ogg. alternative obsolete form: vinegia; venetian : venexia ve?n?sja;
- the republic of venice. (repubblica di venezia, repůblica včneta. or. vec , repůblica de venesia from the city of venice in northeastern italy .
- venice is a residential, commercial and recreational beachfront neighborhood in the westside of the city of los angeles, california .
- the venice film festival or venice international film festival. (mostra internazionale d'arte cinematografica della biennale di venezia
- the venice biennale (biennale di venezia; also called in english the 'venice biennial') is a major contemporary art exhibition that takes
- venice is a city in sarasota county , florida , united states . as of the 2010 census , the city had a population of 20,748 it is noted
- the doge of venice (? , d , o? , d?; venetian : doxe ?d??ze; doge ?d??d?e; all derived from latin d?x, 'military leader'), sometimes
- the province of venice (provincia di venezia) is a province in the veneto region of northern italy . its capital is the city of venice .
- venice marco polo airport vce , lipz is an airport located on the italian mainland 4.3 , nm , abbr off , lk in north of venice , italy ,
- the 68th annual venice film festival was held in venice , italy between 31 august and 10 september 2011 american film director darren

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