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Vendace Ven"dace, n. (Zo["o]l.) A European lake whitefish (Coregonus Willughbii, or C. Vandesius) native of certain lakes in Scotland and England. It is regarded as a delicate food fish. Called also vendis.

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- venda was a bantustan in northern south africa , bordering zimbabwe and is now part of limpopo province. regime for the venda people ,
- venda, also known as tshiven?a or luven?a, is a bantu language and an official language of south africa . the majority of venda speakers
- the venda (vhavhenda or vhangona) are a southern african people living mostly near the south african- zimbabwe an border. bantustan of
- venda, inc. outfitters venda provides ecommerce services such as online shopping to mid-tier and fortune 1000 companies for a monthly fee.
- venda : chief minister patrick mphephu (1979) sacc3 president frank n ravele (1989) sacc197 category:lists of people on stamps category:
- venda : one of the territories set up by the south african government as part of its apartheid policy. although the territory itself did not
- vendas novas (?v?d?? ?n?v??) is a municipality in portugal with a total area of 222.4 km² and a total population of 11,957.
- venda may refer to: the venda people — a tribe in northern south africa. the venda language — the language they speak. venda — the former
- the university of venda (univen) is a south africa n university , located in thohoyandou in limpopo province. history : of the venda
- there are parishes that have the name venda nova in portugal: venda nova (amadora), a parish in the municipality of amadora venda nova

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