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Ovarious O*va"ri*ous, a. Consisting of eggs; as, ovarious food. [R.] --Thomson., Variously Va"ri*ous*ly, adv. In various or different ways.

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- variou protestant churches was established. in 1862 the first presbytery was organised, and later more presbyteries wer formed.
- platinum gospel: the mighty men of gospel by variou artists. platinum gospel: rev. milton brunson by rev. milton brunson. platinum gospel:
- maluka's work has appeared on the covers of variou books. most recently his painting entitled 'i can't believe you think that of me
- in july 2011, emma addison opened a polenastics branch in skegness lincolnshire, teaching pole fitness from variou venues. this was
- hivbio: hiv bioinformatics (hivbio) site contains variou types of information on human immunodefeciency virus (hiv) life cycle and

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