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Unsafety Un*safe"ty, n. The quality or state of being in peril; absence of safety; insecurity. --Bacon.

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- an unsafe abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by people lacking the necessary skills, or in an environment lacking minimal medical
- division by zero is an unsafe and incorrect operation, but a type checker running only at compile time doesn't scan for division by zero
- small yes article , date july 2010 , talk y file:snake warning sign. jpg , warning sign s, such as this one, can improve safety awareness .
- if a defendant has been denied a fair trial it will almost be inevitable that the conviction will be regarded unsafe, the present case
- people responsible for serving unsafe food can be liable for heavy fines under this new legislation, consumers are pleased that industry
- the 2009 adaptation of the us television series , the 1978 bbc2 teleplays , law & order (uk tv series)date october 2011 date october 2011
- type-safe and type-unsafe languages: type safety is usually a requirement for any toy language proposed in academic programming language
- linecolor 01796f list of smallville episodes , episodenumber 77 , episodenumber2 11 , title unsafe unsafe , directedby greg beeman ,
- unsafe at any speed: the designed-in dangers of the american automobile by ralph nader , published in 1965, is a book accusing car
- unsafe at any speed is an album by long island , new york rock band vaeda . it was recorded by the band during the time they were part of

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