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Transcendental Tran`scen*den"tal, n. A transcendentalist. [Obs.]

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- transcendence, transcendent or transcendental may refer to. religion : transcendence (religion), the concept of being entirely beyond the
- in mathematics , a transcendental number is a (possibly complex ) number that is not algebraic —that is, it is not a root of a non-zero
- in philosophy , the adjective transcendental and the noun transcendence convey the basic ground concept from the word's literal meaning
- a transcendental function is a function that does not satisfy a polynomial equation whose coefficient s are themselves polynomials, in
- transcendental idealism is a doctrine founded by german philosopher immanuel kant in the 18th century. kant's doctrine maintains that
- the transcendental club: in the same year, transcendentalism became a coherent movement with the founding of the transcendental club in
- transcendence theory is a branch of number theory that investigates transcendental number s, in both qualitative and quantitative ways.
- the transcendentals are the properties of being . in typical accounts being is said to be one , good and true (unum, bonum, verum).
- a transcendental argument is a deductive philosophical argument which takes a manifest feature of experience as granted, and articulates
- the transcendental argument for the existence of god (tag) is the argument that attempts to prove god's existence by arguing that logic,

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