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Thievery Thiev"er*y, n. 1. The practice of stealing; theft; thievishness. Among the Spartans, thievery was a practice morally good and honest. --South. 2. That which is stolen. [Obs.] --Shak.

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- bicycle thieves (ladri di biciclette), also known as the bicycle thief, is director vittorio de sica's 1948 story of a poor father
- the thieves. (??? , dodukdeul , todukd?l is a 2012 south korea n heist film directed by choi dong-hoon with an all-star ensemble cast
- thieves' world is a shared world fantasy series created by robert lynn asprin in 1978. the original series comprised twelve anthologies
- thieves' cant or rogues' cant, also known as peddler's french was a secret language (a cant or cryptolect) which was formerly used by
- forty thieves can mean: the story of ali baba and the forty thieves the forty thieves (new york gang), a 19th-century new york street gang
- 'gypsys, tramps & thieves' is the first single released by cher for the album of the same name , her seventh solo album. it was her first
- uncharted 2: among thieves is an action-adventure third-person shooter platform video game developed by naughty dog and published by
- robin hood: prince of thieves is a 1991 adventure film directed by kevin reynolds . the film stars kevin costner as the eponymous robin
- a thieves' guild is an association of criminal s who participate in theft -related organized crime , usually in a fictional context.
- thieves' highway is a 1949 film noir directed by jules dassin . screenplay was written by a. i. bezzerides , based on his novel thieves' market

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