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These These ([th][=e]z), pron. [OE. [thorn]es, [thorn][ae]s, a variant of [thorn]as, pl. of [thorn]es, thes, this. See This, and cf. Those.] The plural of this. See This.

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- in english, these is the plural proximal demonstrative . in etruscan mythology, these is a version of the greek theseus . category:etruscan
- grow in size and volume, and usually rest on her chest; these development stages of secondary sex characteristic s (breasts, pubic hair, etc.)
- these and other works raised his reputation so high that the most flattering offers were sent to him from the russian court to induce him
- these were the lord lieutenant of ireland , who was appointed by the king and the chief secretary for ireland appointed by the british
- elsewhere in mogadishu three civilians were shot to death by mutinous tfg soldiers who were trying to extort these civilians and soon
- date may 2013 this is a list of container terminal s. limit 3- algeria : port of algiers port of djen djen argentina : port of buenos aires
- 'these words' (also known as 'these words (i love you, i love you)') is a song by natasha bedingfield . it was written by steve kipner ,
- the ninety-five theses (original. disputatio pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum. were written by martin luther in 1517 and is widely
- these new puritans are a london-based band from the southend-on-sea area. the group consists mainly of jack barnett (songwriter, producer
- 'these dreams' is a song by the rock band heart released in 1986 from their 1985 self-titled album . it was the first song by the band

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