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Thalia Tha*li"a, n. [L., fr. Gr. Qa`leia, originally, blooming, luxuriant, akin to qa`llein to be luxuriant.] (Class. Myth.) (a) That one of the nine Muses who presided over comedy. (b) One of the three Graces. (c) One of the Nereids.

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- ariadna thalia sodi miranda. (a?i?aðna ta?li. a ?soði mi??anda. born 26 august 1971), known mononymously as thalía, is a mexican singer,
- thalia, thalía, thaleia, or thalian. (? , ? , ? , l , a? , . , ? greek: ?????? from ??????? 'to bloom') may refer to: biota (flora, fauna)
- thalia. th , @ , ' , l , ai , @ (??????, ????? 'the joyous, the flourishing', from ???????, thállein; 'to flourish, to be verdant') was the
- thalía is the seventh studio album by mexican singer thalía . it was released on may 21, 2002 by emi latin (see 2002 in music ).
- thalía is the seventh studio album by mexican recording artist thalía , released on july 8, 2003 by virgin records and emi latin .
- in greek mythology , thalia (????? / thalía, 'abundance') was one of the three graces or charites with her sisters aglaea and euphrosyne
- primera fila (english: in front row) is the first live album by mexican singer-songwriter thalía . the album was recorded in miami ,
- it is hinted in the demigod diaries that he and thalia were in a romantic relationship, seen when thalia kisses him on the cheek and he
- the czech actors' association has presented its annual thalia awards (czech : ceny thálie) since 1993. the award is named after thalia ,
- in greek mythology, thalia (?????? / tháleia or ????? / thália, 'the joyous, the flourishing', from ??????? / thállein, 'to flourish, to be

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