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Symphonic Sym*phon"ic, a. 1. Symphonious. 2. (Mus.) Relating to, or in the manner of, symphony; as, the symphonic form or style of composition.

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- this symphonic form was influenced by germanic practice, and would come to be associated with the classical style of haydn and mozart. '
- symphonic metal is metal music that has symphonic elements; that is, elements that are borrowed from other music genres (i.e. classical
- symphonic rock is a sub-genre of progressive rock . since early in progressive rock's history, the term has been used to distinguish more
- a concert band, also called wind band, symphonic band, symphonic winds, wind orchestra, wind symphony, wind ensemble, or symphonic wind
- symphonic black metal is a subgenre of black metal that emerged in the mid to late 1990s, and incorporates symphonic and orchestra l
- but for several decades after his departure, symphonic instrumentation was faithful to beethoven's well-established model, with few
- sophisticated forms of instrumental music these include the concerto , symphony , sonata , suite , Útude , symphonic poem , opera , and others.
- neoclassicism in music was a twentieth-century trend, particularly current in the period between the two world wars, in which composers
- symphonic is the third compilation album by norwegian singer j°rn lande 's solo band jorn. the album differs from the previous compilation
- the silbermond song , symphonie (song image:logo symphonie. jpg , the symphonie satellites were the first communications satellites built by

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