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Symmetric Sym*met"ric, a. Symmetrical.

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- the head becomes specialized with a mouth and sense organs, and the body becomes bilaterally symmetric for the purpose of movement, with
- in linear algebra , a symmetric matrix is a square matrix that is equal to its transpose . formally, matrix a is symmetric if:
- in mathematics, the symmetric group s n on a finite set of n symbols is the group whose elements are all the permutations of the n
- symmetric-key algorithms are a class of algorithm s for cryptography that use the same cryptographic key s for both encryption of plaintext
- in differential geometry , representation theory and harmonic analysis , a symmetric space is a smooth manifold whose group of symmetries
- in mathematics , a binary relation r over a set x is symmetric if it holds for all a and b in x that if a is related to b then b is
- in the mathematical field of graph theory , a graph g is symmetric (or arc-transitive) if, given any two pairs of adjacent vertices u 1v
- in mathematics , a symmetric polynomial is a polynomial p(x 1, x 2, , x n) in n variables, such that if any of the variables are
- symmetric multiprocessing (smp) involves a multiprocessor computer hardware and low-cost symmetric multiprocessing embedded systems began
- in mathematics , the term 'symmetric function' can mean two different concepts. a symmetric function of n variables is one whose value at

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