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Race suicide Race suicide The voluntary failure of the members of a race or people to have a number of children sufficient to keep the birth rate equal to the death rate.

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- suicide (latin suicidium, from sui caedere, 'to kill oneself') is the act of intentionally causing one's own death . suicide is often
- a suicide attack is an attack upon a target, in which an attacker intends to kill others and/or cause great damage, knowing that he or she
- suicide is an american electronic protopunk musical duo, intermittently active since 1970 and composed of vocalist alan vega and martin
- a suicide method is any means by which a person commits suicide , purposely taking his or her own life. suicide methods can be classified
- suicide is a professional wrestling gimmick , formerly used by multipe professional wrestlers. the character is now played by t.j. perkins
- abbreviated as tokk? tai , ??? , and used as a verb as tokk? , ?? ('special attack') were suicide attack s by military aviators from the
- a murder–suicide (or murdercide) is an act in which an individual kills one or more other persons before, or at the same time as, killing
- is a form of japan ese ritual suicide by disembowelment . seppuku was originally reserved only for samurai part of the samurai bushido
- suicide: file:brodie lee suicide dive. jpg , brodie lee performing a suicide dive onto michael elgin . the term suicide or suicida is placed
- suicide (le suicide) was one of the groundbreaking books in the field of sociology . ostensibly a case study of suicide , a publication

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