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Successive Suc*ces"sive, a. [Cf. F. successif. See Succeed.] 1. Following in order or in uninterrupted course; coming after without interruption or interval; following one after another in a line or series; consecutive; as, the successive revolution of years; the successive kings of Egypt; successive strokes of a hammer. Send the successive ills through ages down. --Prior. 2. Having or giving the right of succeeding to an inheritance; inherited by succession; hereditary; as, a successive title; a successive empire. [Obs.] --Shak. Successive induction. (Math.) See Induction, 5.

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- over the course of the next eight days following successive failed attempts at government formation, stock markets in europe and elsewhere
- in numerical linear algebra , the method of successive over-relaxation (sor) is a variant of the gauss–seidel method for solving a linear
- a successive approximation adc is a type of analog-to-digital converter that converts a continuous analog waveform into a discrete
- successive linear programming (slp), also known as sequential linear programming, is an optimization technique for approximately solving
- successive substitution is an ep by disharmonic orchestra . it was released in 1989 by nuclear blast . track listing ': 'inexorable logic' – 3:
- successive parabolic interpolation is a technique for finding the extremum (minimum or maximum) of a continuous unimodal function by
- successive slidings of pleasure. (glissements progressifs du plaisir. is a 1974 french fantasy film directed by alain robbe-grillet
- in applied mathematics, symmetric successive overrelaxation (ssor is a preconditioner . if the original matrix can be decomposed into
- in modular arithmetic , the method of successive substitution is a method of solving problems of simultaneous congruences by using the

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