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Stewartry Stew"art*ry, n. 1. An overseer or superintendent. [R.] ``The stewartry of provisions.' --Tooke. 2. The office of a steward; stewardship. [R.] --Byron. 3. In Scotland, the jurisdiction of a steward; also, the lands under such jurisdiction.

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- stewart's or stewarts can refer to: stewart's fountain classics , brand of soft drink. stewart's restaurants , chain of restaurants where the
- stewart is a popular scottish given name and surname. the word stewart is derived from an occupational surname. it originally belonged to
- roderick david 'rod' stewart. country gbr-cats , cbe (born 10 january 1945 is an english-born rock singer-songwriter of scottish and english
- anthony wayne 'tony' stewart (born may 20, 1971) is an american auto racing driver, businessman and team owner throughout his racing
- james 'jimmy' maitland stewart. although commonly known as 'jimmy' by the media and public, stewart always used 'james'. , group n
- jon stewart (born jonathan stuart leibowitz; november 28, 1962 is an american political satirist , writer, director, television host ,
- martha stewart (born martha helen kostyra; august 3, 1941) is an american business magnate , writer, - and television personality.
- the house of stewart (latterly gallicised to stuart), is a european royal house . founded by robert ii of scotland , the stewarts first
- sir patrick stewart, obe - (born 13 july 1940) is an english film, television and stage actor, who has had a distinguished career on stage
- potter stewart (january 23, 1915 december 7, 1985) was an associate justice of the united states supreme court . during his tenure, he

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