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- stereopsis (from stereo- meaning 'solid', and opsis meaning appearance or sight ) is the impression of depth that is perceived when a
- stereopsis recovery, also recovery from stereoblindness, is the phenomenon of a stereoblind person gaining partial or full ability of
- taxobox , image stereopsis humphreyi 56449. jpg , image_width 240px , image_caption stereopsis humphreyi , regnum fungi , divisio
- it can give stereopsis in which binocular disparity (or parallax ) provided by the two eyes' different positions on the head give
- binocular cues include stereopsis , eye convergence, disparity, and yielding depth from binocular vision through exploitation of parallax .
- binocular neurons are neuron s in the visual system that assist in the creation of stereopsis from binocular disparity . they have been
- f.lux is a computer program written by michael herf of stereopsis. it adjusts the computer display's color temperature according to the
- that they are unlikely to a person to develop the ability for stereopsis ; nonetheless recent experimental investigations into dedicated
- stereopsis test , of vision.
- that disparity is sufficient for stereopsis, where charles wheatstone had only shown that binocular disparity was necessary for stereopsis.

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