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Start Start, v. i. [imp. & p. p. started; p. pr. & vb. n. starting.] [OE. sterten; akin to D. storten 8hurl, rush, fall, G. st["u]rzen, OHG. sturzen to turn over, to fall, Sw. st["o]ra to cast down, to fall, Dan. styrte, and probably also to E. start a tail; the original sense being, perhaps, to show the tail, to tumble over suddenly. [root]166. Cf. Start a tail.] 1. To leap; to jump. [Obs.] 2. To move suddenly, as with a spring or leap, from surprise, pain, or other sudden feeling or emotion, or by a voluntary act. And maketh him out of his sleep to start. --Chaucer. I start as from some dreadful dream. --Dryden. Keep your soul to the work when ready to start aside. --I. Watts. But if he start, It is the flesh of a corrupted heart. --Shak. 3. To set out; to commence a course, as a race or journey; to begin; as, to start business. At once they start, advancing in a line. --Dryden. At intervals some bird from out the brakes Starts into voice a moment, then is still. --Byron. 4. To become somewhat displaced or loosened; as, a rivet or a seam may start under strain or pressure. To start after, to set out after; to follow; to pursue. To start against, to act as a rival candidate against. To start for, to be a candidate for, as an office. To start up, to rise suddenly, as from a seat or couch; to come suddenly into notice or importance., Start Start, v. t. 1. To cause to move suddenly; to disturb suddenly; to startle; to alarm; to rouse; to cause to flee or fly; as, the hounds started a fox. Upon malicious bravery dost thou come To start my quiet? --Shak. Brutus will start a spirit as soon as C[ae]sar. --Shak. 2. To bring onto being or into view; to originate; to invent. Sensual men agree in the pursuit of every pleasure they can start. --Sir W. Temple. 3. To cause to move or act; to set going, running, or flowing; as, to start a railway train; to start a mill; to start a stream of water; to start a rumor; to start a business. I was engaged in conversation upon a subject which the people love to start in discourse. --Addison. 4. To move suddenly from its place or position; to displace or loosen; to dislocate; as, to start a bone; the storm started the bolts in the vessel. One, by a fall in wrestling, started the end of the clavicle from the sternum. --Wiseman. 5. [Perh. from D. storten, which has this meaning also.] (Naut.) To pour out; to empty; to tap and begin drawing from; as, to start a water cask., Start Start, n. [OE. stert a tail, AS. steort; akin to LG. stert, steert, D. staart, G. sterz, Icel. stertr, Dan. stiert, Sw. stjert. [root]166. Cf. Stark naked, under Stark, Start, v. i.] 1. A tail, or anything projecting like a tail. 2. The handle, or tail, of a plow; also, any long handle. [Prov. Eng.] 3. The curved or inclined front and bottom of a water-wheel bucket. 4. (Mining) The arm, or level, of a gin, drawn around by a horse.

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- 'start!' two weeks later reached number one for one week written by paul weller and produced by vic coppersmith-heaven and the jam, 'start!'
- start can refer to multiple topics: takeoff , the phase of flight where an aircraft transitions from moving along the ground to flying
- in baseball or softball , a starting pitcher (also referred to as the starter) is the pitcher who delivers the first pitch to the first
- a starting lineup in sports is an official list of the set of players who will actively participate in the event when the game begins the
- ik start is a norwegian football club from the town of kristiansand , currently playing in tippeligaen having been promoted from
- performing a power-on self-test , locating and initializing peripheral devices, and then finding, loading and starting an operating system .
- in baseball statistics , games started (denoted by gs) indicates the number of games that a pitcher has started for his team.
- start (strategic arms reduction treaty) was a bilateral treaty between the united states of america and the union of soviet socialist
- for aircraft that take off horizontally, this usually involves starting with a transition from moving along the ground (taxiing ) on a
- new start (strategic arms reduction treaty) (russian: ???-iii, snv-iii) is a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the united states of

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