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Stage Stage, v. t. To exhibit upon a stage, or as upon a stage; to display publicly. --Shak.

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- stage or stages is an abstract object often associated with either theater and scene or point of progress. it may also refer to:
- in theatre or performance art s, the stage (sometimes referred to as the deck in stagecraft ) is a designated space for the performance
- when an eighteen-year puritan prohibition of drama was lifted after the english restoration of 1660, women began to appear on stage in
- in chronostratigraphy , a stage is a succession of rock strata laid down in a single age on the geologic timescale , which usually
- there are many theatre unions including actors equity association (for actors and stage managers), the stage directors and choreographers
- in sport s, a stage, or leg, or heat, is a unit of a race which has been divided in several parts for the reason such as length of the
- a stage name, also called a screen name, is a pseudonym used by performer s and entertainer s such as actor s, wrestler s, comedian s, and
- a multistage (or multi-stage) rocket is a rocket that uses two or more stages, each of which contains its own engines and propellant .
- a theatre director or stage director is a director/instructor in the theatre field who oversees and orchestrates the mounting of a theatre
- since the early 20th century, musical theatre stage works have generally been called, simply, musicals. although music has been a part of

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