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- specialisation , specialise , specialised , specialising , specialization , specialize , specialized , specializing specialization or
- critics however allege that international specialisation cannot be explained sufficiently in terms of 'the work nations do best', rather
- specialization (or specialisation) is the separation of tasks within a system. in a multicellular creature, cells are specialized for
- a specialty (or speciality) in medicine is a branch of medical science. after completing medical school , physician s or surgeon s
- in academia , specialization (or specialisation) may be a course of study or major at an academic institution or may refer to the field
- hemispheric specialisations , year 2009 , month march , author braun cm, delisle j, guimond a, daigneault r , journal laterality , pages 12264 .
- date april 2009 file:koala - melbourne zoo. jpg , with its eucalyptus -only diet, the koala can be considered a specialist species.
- departmentalization refers to the process of grouping activities into departments. division of labour creates specialist s who need wikt:
- in the united states , canada , and australia , there are nine recognized dental specialties in which some dentist s choose to train and
- cleanup january 2009 , refimprove january 2009 in linguistics , the term specialization (as defined by paul hopper ), refers to one of the

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