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Southern South"ern, n. A Southerner. [R.], Southern South"ern (?; 277), a. [AS. s??ern. See South.] Of or pertaining to the south; situated in, or proceeding from, the south; situated or proceeding toward the south. Southern Cross (Astron.), a constellation of the southern hemisphere containing several bright stars so related in position as to resemble a cross. Southern Fish (Astron.), a constelation of the southern hemisphere (Piscis Australis) containing the bright star Fomalhaut. Southern States (U.S. Hist. & Geog.), the States of the American Union lying south of Pennsylvania and the Ohio River, with Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Before the Civil War, Missouri also, being a slave State, was classed as one of the Southern States.

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- the name southern may refer to: education : southern university (formal name southern university and a&m college), baton rouge, louisiana
- the southern united states—commonly referred to as the american south, dixie , or simply the south—is an area comprising the southeastern
- southern california, often abbreviated as socal, is a megaregion or megapolitan area in the southern portion of the u.s. state of
- the southern railway (sr), sometimes shortened to 'southern', was a british railway company established in the 1923 grouping .
- the southern pacific transportation company sp, earlier southern pacific railroad and southern pacific company, and usually called the
- southern university and a&m college is a historically black college located in baton rouge, louisiana . the baton rouge campus is located
- southern is a train operating company in the united kingdom owned by govia operating the south central franchise it is a subsidiary of
- the southern conference (socon) is a collegiate athletic conference affiliated with the national collegiate athletic association (ncaa)
- the southern league, currently known as the calor league under the terms of a sponsorship agreement is an english men's football
- southern hip hop, also known as southern rap, south coast hip hop or dirty south, is a blanket term for a subgenre of american hip hop

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