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Sommerset Som"mer*set, n. See Somersault.

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- sommer is a surname, from the german and scandinavian languages word for the season 'summer'. it may refer to a person: alfred sommer
- raymond sommer (31 august 1906, mouzon , in the ardennes département of france – 10 september 1950) was a grand prix motor racing
- yann sommer (born 17 december 1988 in morges ) is a swiss footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for fc basel in the swiss super league .
- günter 'baby' sommer (born 25. august 1943 in dresden ) is a german jazz drummer . he studied music in dresden . he rose to fame in the
- roger sommer (august 4, 1877 in pierrepont, france - april 14, 1965 at sainte-maxime) was a french aviator. born to alfred sommer, a
- sommer is a danish tv-drama aired on dr1 in 2008. the series was created by jesper w. nielsen and karina dam cast !: skuespiller!
- elke sommer (born 5 november 1940), born elke schletz, is a german actress, entertainer, and artist. career: sommer was born in berlin to a
- stephen sommers (born march 20, 1962) is an american screenwriter and film director , best known for the mummy (1999) and its sequel,
- josef sommer (born june 26, 1934) is an american -german stage and film actor . he was born maximilian josef sommer in greifswald , germany
- joanie sommers (born joan drost, buffalo, new york , february 24, 1941), is an american singer and actress with a long career of jazz,

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