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To pass by. (a) To disregard; to neglect. (b) To excuse; to spare; to overlook. To pass off, to impose fraudulently; to palm off. ``Passed himself off as a bishop.' --Macaulay. To pass (something) on or upon (some one), to put upon as a trick or cheat; to palm off. ``She passed the child on her husband for a boy.' --Dryden. To pass over, to overlook; not to note or resent; as, to pass over an affront.

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- 'something' is a song by the beatles , featured on their 1969 album abbey road . it was released that same year as a double a-sided
- limousine, though she later had no recollection of doing so hill believed she was reaching for something, perhaps a piece of the president's skull.
- in 'operation: bumblebee', it was revealed that optimus had no memory of his brief time as a decepticon, though he soon learned something
- these are made of leather, something answerable to the forme of a little cannopy, & hooped in the inside with divers little wooden hoopes
- something is a 1970 album by shirley bassey . with her career having been in decline since the latter part of the mid 1960s, something
- spiritual energy , other uses , energy (disambiguation)subtle energy , for the mystical concept of psychospiritual bodies overlaying the
- date june 2011 building_name leaning tower of pisa , infobox_width , image the leaning tower of pisa sb. jpeg , image_size , caption ,
- 'something' is the debut single by belgian trance group lasgo . it was released in may 2001 as the lead single from their debut album
- contentment (disambiguation)date october 2007 file:edgard farasijn human contentments. jpg , human contentments (20th century), by edgard
- something is an album by organist shirley scott recorded in 1970 and released on the atlantic label it includes instrumental covers of

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