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Benefit society Benefit society A society or association formed for mutual insurance, as among tradesmen or in labor unions, to provide for relief in sickness, old age, and for the expenses of burial. Usually called friendly society in Great Britain., Bible Society, an association for securing the multiplication and wide distribution of the Bible. Douay Bible. See Douay Bible. Geneva Bible. See under Geneva., Cooperative Co*["o]p"er*a*tive, a. Operating jointly to the same end. Co["o]perative society, a society established on the principle of a joint-stock association, for the production of commodities, or their purchase and distribution for consumption, or for the borrowing and lending of capital among its members. Co["o]perative store, a store established by a co["o]perative society, where the members make their purchases and share in the profits or losses., Corresponding Cor`re*spond"ing, a. 1. Answering; conformable; agreeing; suiting; as, corresponding numbers. 2. Carrying on intercourse by letters. Corresponding member of a society, one residing at a distance, who has been invited to correspond with the society, and aid in carrying out its designs without taking part in its management., Debating De*bat"ing, n. The act of discussing or arguing; discussion. Debating society or club, a society or club for the purpose of debate and improvement in extemporaneous speaking., Benefit society Benefit society A society or association formed for mutual insurance, as among tradesmen or in labor unions, to provide for relief in sickness, old age, and for the expenses of burial. Usually called friendly society in Great Britain., Proceeding Pro*ceed"ing, n. 1. The act of one who proceeds, or who prosecutes a design or transaction; progress or movement from one thing to another; a measure or step taken in a course of business; a transaction; as, an illegal proceeding; a cautious or a violent proceeding. The proceedings of the high commission. --Macaulay. 2. pl. (Law) The course of procedure in the prosecution of an action at law. --Blackstone. Proceedings of a society, the published record of its action, or of things done at its meetings. Syn: Procedure; measure; step, See Transaction., Society of the Sacred Heart (R.C. Ch.), a religious order of women, founded in France in 1800, and approved in 1826. It was introduced into America in 1817. The members of the order devote themselves to the higher branches of female education. Sacred baboon. (Zo["o]l.) See Hamadryas. Sacred bean (Bot.), a seed of the Oriental lotus (Nelumbo speciosa or Nelumbium speciosum), a plant resembling a water lily; also, the plant itself. See Lotus. Sacred beetle (Zo["o]l.) See Scarab. Sacred canon. See Canon, n., 3. Sacred fish (Zo["o]l.), any one of numerous species of fresh-water African fishes of the family Mormyrid[ae]. Several large species inhabit the Nile and were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians; especially Mormyrus oxyrhynchus. Sacred ibis. See Ibis. Sacred monkey. (Zo["o]l.) (a) Any Asiatic monkey of the genus Semnopithecus, regarded as sacred by the Hindoos; especially, the entellus. See Entellus. (b) The sacred baboon. See Hamadryas. (c) The bhunder, or rhesus monkey. Sacred place (Civil Law), the place where a deceased person is buried. Syn: Holy; divine; hallowed; consecrated; dedicated; devoted; religious; venerable; reverend. -- Sa"cred*ly, adv. -- Sa"cred*ness, n., Transaction Trans*ac"tion, n. [L. transactio, fr. transigere, transactum, to drive through, carry through, accomplish, transact; trans across, over + agere to drive; cf. F. transaction. See Act, Agent.] 1. The doing or performing of any business; management of any affair; performance. 2. That which is done; an affair; as, the transactions on the exchange. 3. (Civil Law) An adjustment of a dispute between parties by mutual agreement. Transaction of a society, the published record of what it has done or accomplished. Syn: Proceeding; action; process. Usage: Transaction, Proceeding. A transaction is something already done and completed; a proceeding is either something which is now going on, or, if ended, is still contemplated with reference to its progress or successive stages. Note: `` We the word proceeding in application to an affray in the street, and the word transaction to some commercial negotiation that has been carried on between certain persons. The proceeding marks the manner of proceeding, as when we speak of the proceedings in a court of law. The transaction marks the business transacted; as, the transactions on the Exchange.' --Crabb.

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- a society, or a human society, is a group of people involved with each other through persistent relations , or a large social grouping
- the royal society of london for improving natural knowledge, commonly known as the royal society, is a learned society for science, and is
- the society of jesus (societas iesu, s.j., sj or si) is a christian male religious congregation of the roman catholic church .
- a learned society (also known as a scholarly society or academic association) is an organization that exists to promote an academic
- quakers, or friends, are members of a family of religious movements collectively known as the religious society of friends. friends'
- a building society is a financial institution owned by its members as a mutual organization . building societies offer banking and
- the national geographic society (ngs), headquartered in washington, d.c. in the united states, is one of the largest non-profit scientific
- the secret society of super villains (ssosv) (also known simply as the society) is a group of comic book supervillain s that exist in dc
- the royal geographical society (with the institute of british geographers) is a distinguished british learned society founded in 1830 for
- social science refers to the academic disciplines concerned with society and the relationships among individuals within a society, which

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