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Sliding Slid"ing, a. 1. That slides or slips; gliding; moving smoothly. 2. Slippery; elusory. [Obs.] That sliding science hath me made so bare. --Chaucer. Sliding friction (Mech.), the resistance one body meets with in sliding along the surface of another, as distinguished from rolling friction. Sliding gunter (Naut.), a topmast arranged with metallic fittings so as to be hoisted and lowered by means of halyards. Sliding keel (Naut), a movable keel, similar to a centeboard. Sliding pair. (Mech.) See the Note under Pair, n., 7. Sliding rule. Same as Slide rule, under Slide, n. Sliding scale. (a) A scale for raising or lowering imposts in proportion to the fall or rise of prices. (b) A variable scale of wages or of prices. (c) A slide rule. Sliding ways (Naut.), the timber guides used in launching a vessel.

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- sliding may refer to: sliding (dance), also floating or gliding slide (baseball), an attempt by a baseball runner to avoid getting tagged out
- the attacker, running from behind, jumps and lands on his opponent's back, neck and head, sliding through the ropes out of the ring,
- landslide in which the sliding surface is located within the soil mantle or weathered bedrock (typically to a depth from few decimetres
- a sliding door is a type of door that opens by sliding (usually horizontally), whereby the door is either mounted on or suspended from a
- the siemens sl10 was one of the first sliding mobile phones in 1999 a version of the slider form factor, the side slider or qwerty slider,
- floating, gliding or sliding refers to a group of footwork-oriented dance techniques and styles closely related to popping , which attempt
- sliding is a type of frictional motion between two surface s in contact. than that associated with sliding kinetic friction typical values
- in baseball , a slide is the action of a player, acting as a baserunner , who drops whether they will be benefit by sliding in a particular
- a slide is a legato guitar technique where the player sounds one note, and then for sliding up the neck and by: \ for sliding down the neck.
- a slide is a skateboarding trick where the skateboarder slides sideways either on two or the rear two wheels sliding on the ground while

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