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Simply Sim"ply, adv. 1. In a simple manner or state; considered in or by itself; without addition; along; merely; solely; barely. [They] make that now good or evil, . . . which otherwise of itself were not simply the one or the other. --Hooker. Simply the thing I am Shall make me live. --Shak.

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- track listing ': 'simply' 4:05 produced by supa dave west. contains sample of 'wonderful christmastime ' performed by paul mccartney '
- transformation group is the given action of g on x. furthermore, if x is simply connected, the fundamental group of x/g will be isomorphic to g.
- similarly, lev davidovich bronshtein assumed the name leon trotsky, which then became shortened over time to, simply, trotsky.
- simply red was an english soul band that sold more than 50 million albums over a 25-year career. their style drew upon influences ranging
- in topology , a topological space is called simply connected (or 1-connected) if it is path-connected and every path between two points
- simply deep is the debut solo album by american singer kelly rowland , first released by columbia records on october 28, 2002 in north
- the simply orange juice company is an apopka, florida -based company that was founded in 2001 and is a brand of the coca-cola company it
- the simply typed lambda calculus (\lambda^\to), a form of type theory , is a typed interpretation of the lambda calculus with only one
- simply saucer is a canadian rock band formed during the 1970s. based in hamilton , ontario , the band consisted of guitarist and vocalist
- simply mortified is the second album by bs 2000 , released on february 6, 2001. track listing: all songs written and composed by bs 2000 ,

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