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- shown is an american surname that reflects an anglicization of the german surname schaun. a common variant is shawn. examples:
- ghost character. an unseen character is a fictional character that is never directly observed by the audience but is only described by other
- this article is about home and business projectors; for public exhibition projectors, see digital cinema . file:projection-screen-home2.
- date december 2012 best of breed , date january 2013 image:english-springer-spaniel show. jpg , handlers set up their dogs for judging so that
- ribbon color varies from country to country, as shown in the following chart. prize ribbon colors , ! ! austr- alia! canada ! czech republic
- they are shown in hunt seat style tack, and are often of warmblood or thoroughbred type, though a hunter-style pony is also seen in
- species of livestock that may be shown include pig s, cattle , sheep , goat s, horse s, llama s and alpaca s poultry such as chicken s,
- neutered cats can be shown in a class called 'premier' and achieve the title of 'grand premier'. cats which meet the standards of the
- in north america , though a small number of draft horses are also shown under saddle , the term 'draft horse showing' refers to a specific
- for an ideal polymer, as will be shown below, there are more microscopic states compatible with a short end-to-end distance than there are

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