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- shneur zalman of liady. (?????? ???? ??????. (september 4, 1745 december 15, 1812 o.s.), was an orthodox rabbi , and the founder and first
- yosef chaim shneur kotler (1918, slutsk , russia 24 june 1982, boston , massachusetts ) was an orthodox rabbi and rosh yeshiva of
- zalman shneur (hebrew : ???? ??????) (born 1887; died 20 february 1959) was an hebrew and israel i poet and writer. biography
- shneur zalman fradkin of lublin (1830-1902), also known as the toras chessed (after his main work) or the liader (after his place of birth
- shneur chaim (hakohen) gutnick (1921 - 25 october 2003) (heb.: ??????-???? ???? ??????), was a prominent orthodox jewish chabad rabbi in
- shneur zalman rubashov was born to a hasidic family of the chabad-lubavitch denomination in mir , near minsk , in the russian empire
- rabbi shneur kotler , his son, who led the yeshiva from 1962 until his death in 1982; and the present roshei yeshiva, rabbi malkiel kotler
- the chabad movement was founded in the late 18th century by rabbi shneur zalman of liadi , the first rebbe of chabad. the movement was
- shneur hasofer (?????? ?????), better known by his stage name describe (hasofer is hebrew for 'the scribe'), is an australian singer-
- shneur zalman moishe hayitzchoki, usually known familiarly as reb zalman moishe, (c. 1872-3 shvat , 1952), was an orthodox jewish

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