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- sharia. (????? ar , din , šar??ah, ?a?ri??a , ipa 'legislation '; sp. shariah, shar??ah also. ar , ????? ?????? ar , din , q?n?n ?isl?m?
- as such, a more correct term for 'islamic banking' is 'sharia compliant finance sharia prohibits the fixed or floating payment or
- in nigeria , sharia has been instituted as a main body of civil and criminal law in 9 muslim-majority and in some parts of 3 muslim-
- ansar al-sharia or ansar al-shariah may refer to: ansar al-sharia (yemen) ansar al-sharia (libya) ansar al-sharia (derna, libya)
- the legal system of saudi arabia is based on sharia , islam ic law derived from the qu'ran and the sunnah (the traditions) of the islamic
- various sources of sharia are used by islamic jurisprudence to elucidate the sharia , the body of islamic law the primary sources,
- jama'at ansar al-shari'a. (????? ????? ???????; ar , ala , jam??at an??r aš-Šhar??a also known as ansar al-shari'a, is a yemen -based
- sharia (other variations shariah, shari’ah, shar’ah is the muslim or islamic law which regulates many aspects of a muslim’s life including
- a ban on sharia law is legislation that would ban the application or implementation of islamic law (sharia ) in courts in any jurisdiction.
- ansar al-sharia (libya) (english : partisans of islamic law) is an islamist militia group advocating the implementation of strict sharia

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