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Sexuality Sex`u*al"i*ty, n. The quality or state of being distinguished by sex. --Lindley.

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- human sexuality is the capacity to have erotic experiences and responses a person's sexual orientation may influence their sexual
- human female sexuality encompasses a broad range of behaviors and processes, including female sexual identity and sexual behavior , the
- application in other societies or cultures non-westernized concepts of male sexuality differ essentially from the way sexuality is seen and
- homosexuality is an example of a normal and natural variation in human sexuality and is not in and of itself a source of negative
- human male sexuality covers physiological , psychological , social , cultural , and political aspects of the human male sexual response
- it has sometimes been assumed that 'unlimited sexual license' was characteristic of ancient rome the sexuality of the romans has never had
- sexology is the interdisciplinary study of human sexuality , including human sexual interests, behavior s and function the term sexology
- human sexual activity, or human sexual practice or human sexual behavior, is the manner in which humans experience and express their sexuality .
- like people of other lgbt sexualities, bisexuals often face discrimination. in addition to the discrimination associated with homophobia
- sexuality in science fiction refers to the incorporation of sexual themes into science fiction or related genres. alternative sexuality

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