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Series dynamo Series dynamo (Elec.) (a) A series-wound dynamo. (b) A dynamo running in series with another or others., Series motor Series motor (Elec.) (a) A series-wound motor. (b) A motor capable of being used in a series circuit., Series turns Series turns (Elec.) The turns in a series circuit., Series winding Series winding (Elec.) A winding in which the armature coil and the field-magnet coil are in series with the external circuits; -- opposed to shunt winding. -- Se"ries-wound`, a.

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- séries+ is a canadian french language category a specialty channel devoted to scripted comedy and dramatic programming .
- series (singular or plural) may refer to anything of a serial form: mathematics and science : series (botany), a taxonomic rank between genus
- series without a fixed length are usually divided into seasons or series , yearly or semiannual installments of new episodes.
- the world series is the annual championship series of north american-based major league baseball (mlb), played since 1903 between the
- a limited series is a comic book series with a set number of installments. a limited series differs from an ongoing series in that the
- an animated series is a set of regularly presented animated television program s with a common series title, usually related to one another
- manga magazines—also known as 'anthologies'—often run several series concurrently, with approximately 20 to 40 pages allocated to each
- depending on the league, the playoffs may be either a single game, a series of games, or a tournament , and may use a single-elimination
- the x-files is an american science fiction horror drama television series created by chris carter . the program originally aired from
- a series is, informally speaking, the sum of the terms of a sequence . finite sequences and series have defined first and last terms,

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