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September Sep*tem"ber, n. [L., fr. septem seven, as being the seventh month of the Roman year, which began with March: cf. F. septembre. See Seven.] The ninth month of the year, containing thurty days.

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- september. (audio en-us-september. ogg , ? , s , ? , p , t , ? , ? , m , b , ?r sep , tem , b?r is the ninth month of the year in the julian
- the invasion of poland, also known as the september campaign or 1939 defensive war or the fourth partition of poland (polish : kampania
- labor day in the united states is a holiday celebrated on the first monday in september . it is a celebration of the american labor
- september : september 3 – the british trade union congress expels 20 members for registering under the industrial relations act 1971 .
- petra linnea paula marklund (born 12 september 1984), better known by her stage name september, is a swedish singer-songwriter.
- september: image:baltic states flag map. svg , map of the three baltic states, in their flag colours. september 2 – the united states
- september : september 5 – with us$2 billion in federal aid, the robert m. bass group agrees to buy the united states ' largest thrift,
- september : september 1 –10 – pope john paul ii visits tanzania , burundi , rwanda , and côte d'ivoire . september 2 – cold war :
- september: file:bill clinton, yitzhak rabin, yasser arafat at the white house 1993-09-13. jpg , plo leader yasir arafat and israel i prime
- september : september 2 – a permanent peace agreement is signed at the malacañan palace between the government of the philippines and the

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