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Collateral assurance, that which is made, over and above the deed itself. Collateral circulation (Med. & Physiol.), circulation established through indirect or subordinate branches when the supply through the main vessel is obstructed. Collateral issue. (Law) (a) An issue taken upon a matter aside from the merits of the case. (b) An issue raised by a criminal convict who pleads any matter allowed by law in bar of execution, as pardon, diversity of person, etc. (c) A point raised, on cross-examination, aside from the issue fixed by the pleadings, as to which the answer of the witness, when given, cannot subsequently be contradicted by the party asking the question. Collateral security, security for the performance of covenants, or the payment of money, besides the principal security,, Insecurity In`se*cu"ri*ty, n.; pl. Insecurities. [Pref. in- not + security : cf. LL. insecuritas, F. insecurite.] 1. The condition or quality of being insecure; want of safety; danger; hazard; as, the insecurity of a building liable to fire; insecurity of a debt. 2. The state of feeling insecure; uncertainty; want of confidence. With what insecurity of truth we ascribe effects . . . unto arbitrary calculations. --Sir T. Browne. A time of insecurity, when interests of all sorts become objects of speculation. --Burke.

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- security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm. it applies to any vulnerable and valuable asset, such as a person,
- mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/857001m.pdf dodd 8570, iat level ii certification guidelines lists security+ as one of four choices (the
- a security or financial instrument is a tradable asset of any kind securities are broadly categorized into: debt securities (such as
- computer security (also known as cybersecurity or it security) is information security as applied to computer s and networks.
- a security officer (or security guard) is a person who is paid to protect property , assets, or people. security guards are usually
- national security is the requirement to maintain the survival of the state through the use of economic power , diplomacy , power
- information security, sometimes shortened to infosec, is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure,
- and did not have security features built in from the outset however, windows nt and its successors are designed for security (including on
- the transportation security administration (tsa) is an agency of the u.s. department of homeland security that exercises authority over
- airport security refers to the techniques and methods used in protecting passengers, staff and aircraft which use the airport s from

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