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Curse Curse, n. [AS. curs. See Curse, v. t.] 1. An invocation of, or prayer for, harm or injury; malediction. Lady, you know no rules of charity, Which renders good for bad, blessings for curses. --Shak. 2. Evil pronounced or invoked upon another, solemnly, or in passion; subjection to, or sentence of, divine condemnation. The priest shall write these curses in a book. --Num. v. 23. Curses, like chickens, come home to roost. --Old Proverb. 3. The cause of great harm, evil, or misfortune; that which brings evil or severe affliction; torment. The common curse of mankind, folly and ignorance. --Shak. All that I eat, or drink, or shall beget, Is propagated curse. --Milton. The curse of Scotland (Card Playing), the nine of diamonds. Not worth a curse. See under Cress. Syn: Malediction; imprecation; execration. See Malediction.

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- scotland. (? , s , k , ? , t , . , l , ? , n , d; alba ?al??ap? , alba-gd. ogg. is a country that is part of the united kingdom occupying
- the scotland national football team represents scotland in international football and is controlled by the scottish football association
- the scotland national rugby union team represents scotland in international rugby union . rugby union in scotland is administered by the
- the kingdom of scotland (gaelic : ržoghachd na h-alba, scots : kinrick o scotland) was a sovereign state in northern europe traditionally
- the scotland national cricket team represents scotland in the game of cricket . they compete in the yorkshire bank 40 as the scottish
- the scottish people (scottish gaelic : albannaich), or scots, are a nation and ethnic group native to scotland . historically they
- the scottish football association (also known as the sfa and the scottish fa), or comann ball-coise na h-alba in scottish gaelic , is the
- the scotland national rugby league team represent scotland in international rugby league football tournaments. auspices of the scotland
- by the time of the european renaissance and the reign of james iv it was well established as scotland's capital. century scottish
- is the largest city in scotland , the 3rd largest city in the united kingdom , and, as of the 2011 census , the scottish city with the

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