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- in addition to these core schools, students in a given country may also attend schools before and after primary and secondary education.
- private schools, also known as independent school s or nonstate schools are not administered by local, state or national government s; thus
- state schools (also known outside the uk as public school s) generally refer to primary or secondary schools mandated for or offered to
- catholic schools are maintained parochial school s or education ministries of the catholic church . system catholic schools participate in
- high school (also secondary school , secondary college) is a school which provides high schools can usually be sub-classed as general high
- education in the united states is provided by both public and private schools . federal government public school curricula, funding,
- a school district is a form of special-purpose district which serves to operate local public primary and secondary schools.
- a middle school or junior high school is a school which child ren attend between the notion of middle schools was mooted by the plowden
- secondary school (as in middle/jr. high and high school s) is a school which although most are stand-alone day schools, some popular
- in some places, primary schooling has historically further been divided between 'lower primary schools' ('lp schools'), which were the

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