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- the saturniidae, commonly known as saturniids, are among the largest of the moth s. they form a family of lepidoptera , with an estimated
- the atlas moth (attacus atlas) is a large saturniid moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of southeast asia , and is common
- the ailanthus silkmoth (samia cynthia) is a saturniid moth, used to produce silk fabric but not as domesticated as the silkworm, bombyx
- saturnia pyri, the giant peacock moth, is a saturniid moth which is native to europe . it is the largest european moth and is also
- actias is a genus of saturniid moth s, which contains the asian-american moon moths. the majority of this genus feed on the gum of the
- the genus lonomia is a moderate-sized group of fairly cryptic saturniid moths from south america , famous not for the adults, but for
- lonomia obliqua (or giant silkworm moth, a name also used for a wide range of other saturniid moths is a species of saturniid moths from
- for the saturniid moth genus , see salassa (moth).- name salassa , official_name comune di salassa , native_name , image_skyline
- the malaysian moon moth, actias maenas, is a saturniid in the subfamily saturniinae from indomalaya . the male is purplish-brown and
- heraea, an obsolete name of the saturniid moth genus saturnia heraia, arcadia , an ancient greek city in the peloponese. heraean games , an

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