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Satirist Sat"ir*ist, n. [Cf. F. satiriste.] One who satirizes; especially, one who writes satire. The mighty satirist, who . . . had spread terror through the Whig ranks. --Macaulay.

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- this 'militant' irony or sarcasm often professes to approve of (or at least accept as natural) the very things the satirist wishes to
- christopher morris (born 15 june 1962) is an english satirist, writer, director, actor, voice actor, and producer, known for his black
- poet and satirist . churchill was born in vine street, westminster . his father, rector of rainham, essex , held the curacy and
- the satirist, or the censor of the times was a controversial 19th century british newspaper which featured reports of scandals involving
- john wells (17 november 1936 11 january 1998) was an english actor, writer and satirist , educated at eastbourne college and st edmund
- craig edward moncrieff brown (born 23 may 1957) is a english critic and satirist , best known for his work in private eye .
- john morrison clarke (born 29 july 1948) is a new zealand-born australian comedian , writer , and satirist . he was born in palmerston
- john williams (17611818) was an english poet, satirist, journalist and miscellaneous writer, best known by the pseudonym of anthony
- brown, thomas (english satirist)many of brown's works went unpublished until his death, and the publication date of many is in question, as
- paul whitehead (17101774), was a british satirist and a secretary to the infamous hellfire club . biography: he was born on 6 february 1710

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