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Sacring Sac"ring, a. & n. from Sacre. Sacring bell. See Sanctus bell, under Sanctus.

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- the sacring bell, also known as the sanctus bell , is the bell which rings when the host is elevated at the celebration of high mass .-:
- sanctus bell (also known as sacring bell) may refer to: a particular type of church bell hung in a church tower or bell-cot. the small hand-
- such bells are also commonly referred to as the mass bell, sacring bell, sacryn bell, saints' bell, sance-bell, or sanctus bell (or 'bells
- known for her monumental figurative paintings, for example : hypnos and thanathos, yin-yang the global change or the sacring of jeanne d'arc.
- were broken in 1659, and thesetogether with the sacring bell – were recast into five bells, and a peal rung for them for the first time
- synopsis: for sound of sacring bell nor skellat,: as blaksmyth bruikit was his pallatt,: for battering at the study. after the failure of his
- a unique sacring bell which hangs in the chancel and dates from the reign of queen mary , and two coffin lids discovered under the nave
- as each is shown, a bell (once called 'the sacring bell') is rung and, if incense is used, the host and chalice are incensed (general
- flickering light mallarmé observed that the door-bell was in fact a sacring-bell , that one room was furnished as a monastery cell and
- bells, church bell, sacring bells, musical saw, flexatone , and siren (not mentioned in the instrumentation list at the beginning of the score).

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