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Sacred Sa"cred, a. [Originally p. p. of OE. sacren to consecrate, F. sacrer, fr. L. sacrare, fr. sacer sacred, holy, cursed. Cf. Consecrate, Execrate, Saint, Sexton.] 1. Set apart by solemn religious ceremony; especially, in a good sense, made holy; set apart to religious use; consecrated; not profane or common; as, a sacred place; a sacred day; sacred service. 2. Relating to religion, or to the services of religion; not secular; religious; as, sacred history. Smit with the love of sacred song. --Milton. 3. Designated or exalted by a divine sanction; possessing the highest title to obedience, honor, reverence, or veneration; entitled to extreme reverence; venerable. Such neighbor nearness to our sacred [royal] blood Should nothing privilege him. --Shak. Poet and saint to thee alone were given, The two most sacred names of earth and heaven. --Cowley. 4. Hence, not to be profaned or violated; inviolable. Secrets of marriage still are sacred held. --Dryden. 5. Consecrated; dedicated; devoted; -- with to. A temple, sacred to the queen of love. --Dryden. 6. Solemnly devoted, in a bad sense, as to evil, vengeance, curse, or the like; accursed; baleful. [Archaic] But, to destruction sacred and devote. --Milton.

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- attorney-general, transvaal v botha 1993 (2) sacr 587 (a). attorney-general, venda v maraga 1992 (2) sacr 594 (v). 2007 (2) sacr 137 (w).
- the sacring bell, also known as the sanctus bell , is the bell which rings when the host is elevated at the celebration of high mass .-:
- ex parte minister of safetyand security: in re s v walters 2002 (4) sacr 105 (cc). govender v minister of safety & security 2001 (4) sa
- sanctus bell (also known as sacring bell) may refer to: a particular type of church bell hung in a church tower or bell-cot. the small hand-
- (2) sa 1 (a) at 10 s v mathlare 2000 (2) sacr 515 (sca)s v boesak 2000 (1) sacr 632 (sca)law of evidence amendment act 45 of 1988 mdani v
- dpp, transvaal v mtshweni 2007 (2) sacr 217 (sca). ex parte minister of justice: in re r v jacobson & levy 1931 ad 466. ex parte
- national director of public prosecutions v king 2010 (2) sacr 146 (sca) (2010 (7) bclr 656; 2010 3 all sa 304). another 2007 (2) sacr 56 (w).
- s v tembani 1999 (1) sacr 192 (w), where the witwatersrand local division appeared to follow the proximate cause approach to the issue of
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- sacramentaries and missals: sacr.', lxxi, edited by ceriani in his 'monumenta sacra et profana', viii, the ordinary is analyzed and the

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