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Sacrum Sa"crum, n.; pl. sacra. [NL., fr. L. sacer sacred, os sacrum the lowest bone of the spine.] (Anat.) That part of the vertebral column which is directly connected with, or forms a part of, the pelvis. Note: It may consist of a single vertebra or of several more or less consolidated. In man it forms the dorsal, or posterior, wall of the pelvis, and consists of five united vertebr[ae], which diminish in size very rapidly to the posterior extremity, which bears the coccyx.

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- sacra may refer to : bibliotheca sacra , the theological journal published by dallas theological seminary. harmonia sacra , a mennonite shape
- in humans, the sacrum (plural: sacrums or sacra) is a large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and at the upper and back part of
- these were regarded as necessary and imperishable, and the desire to perpetuate the family's sacra was among the reasons for adoption in
- in ancient roman religion , sacra (latin, neuter plural, 'sacred matters') were thel transactions relating to the worship of the gods,
- nomina sacra (singular: nomen sacrum) means 'sacred names' in latin , and can be used to refer to traditions of abbreviated writing of
- the via sacra (via sacra) (sacred road) was the main street of ancient rome , leading from the top of the capitoline hill , through some
- bibliotheca sacra is a theological journal published by dallas theological seminary . first published in 1844, it is the oldest
- boswellia sacra (commonly known as frankincense or olibanum-tree is a tree in the burseraceae family. it is the primary tree in the genus
- sacra corona unita, (scu) or united sacred crown, is a mafia -type criminal organization from apulia (in italian puglia) region in
- ghirlanda sacra scielta da diversi eccellentissimi compositori de varii motetti voce sola (venice, 1625) is a compilation of 44 single-

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