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Robert Rob"ert, n. (Bot.) See Herb Robert, under Herb.

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- the name robert is a germanic given name , from old high german hruodberht 'bright with glory' (a compound of hruod 'fame, glory' and
- robert francis kennedy (november 20, 1925 – june 6, 1968), commonly known as 'bobby' or by his initials rfk, was an american politician ,
- robert i (11 july 1274 – 7 june 1329), popularly known as robert the bruce (medieval gaelic : roibert a briuis; modern scottish gaelic
- robert schumann (8 june 1810 29 july 1856) was a german composer and influential music critic . he is widely regarded as one of the
- robert curthose (1054 3 february 1134), sometimes styled robert ii or robert iii, was the duke of normandy from 1087 until 1106 and an
- robert adam. post-noms frse frs fsa (scot) fsa frsa. (3 july 1728 – 3 march 1792) was a scottish neoclassical architect , interior designer
- robert anthony plant, cbe (born 20 august 1948) is an english musician, singer and songwriter. best known as the lead vocalist and
- robert von ranke graves (also known as robert ranke graves and most commonly robert graves) (24 july 1895 – 7 december 1985 was an english
- robert ii (early 1316 – 19 april 1390) reigned as king of scots from 1371 to his death as the first monarch of the house of stewart .
- robert brown. post-noms frse frs fls mws. (21 december 1773 – 10 june 1858) was a scottish botanist and palaeobotanist who made important

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