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Rhythm Rhythm, n. [F. rhythme, rythme, L. rhythmus, fr. Gr. ??? measured motion, measure, proportion, fr. "rei^n to flow. See Stream.] 1. In the widest sense, a dividing into short portions by a regular succession of motions, impulses, sounds, accents, etc., producing an agreeable effect, as in music poetry, the dance, or the like. 2. (Mus.) Movement in musical time, with periodical recurrence of accent; the measured beat or pulse which marks the character and expression of the music; symmetry of movement and accent. --Moore (Encyc.) 3. A division of lines into short portions by a regular succession of arses and theses, or percussions and remissions of voice on words or syllables. 4. The harmonious flow of vocal sounds.

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- rhythm (from greek ??????—rhythmos, 'any regular recurring motion, symmetry ) generally means a 'movement marked by the regulated
- rhythm guitar is a technique and role that performs a combination of two functions: to provide all or part of the rhythm ic pulse in
- rhythm and blues, often abbreviated to r&b and rnb, is a genre of popular african-american music that originated in the 1940s the term
- rhythm game or rhythm action is a genre of music-themed action video game that challenges a player's sense of rhythm. games in the
- a rhythm section is a group of musician s within an ensemble who provide the underlying rhythm and pulse of the accompaniment, providing
- devices such as assonance , alliteration , onomatopoeia and rhythm are sometimes used to achieve music al or incantatory effects.
- meter or metre is a term that music has inherited from the rhythm ic element of poetry. (scholes , 1977; latham , 2002b where it means the
- these games typically remain linked to rhythm as well due to the basic nature of rhythm in most music, however pitch games are
- rhythm (?????) is a 2000 tamil film written and directed by vasanth and produced by v. natarajan. the film stars arjun and meena in
- the muscle shoals rhythm section, also known as the swampers, are a group of american soul , r&b , and country studio musicians based in

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