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Relatively Rel"a*tive*ly, adv. In a relative manner; in relation or respect to something else; not absolutely. Consider the absolute affections of any being as it is in itself, before you consider it relatively. --I. Watts.

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- or relatively, as in the relative value of an object to a person. economics/finance : relative value (disambiguation) popular culture film and
- for the physics theory, see theory of relativity . for relativism in buddhism, see two truths doctrine .- relativism is the concept that
- in mathematics , a relatively compact subspace (or relatively compact subset) y of a topological space x is a subset whose closure is
- relatively speaking is a play by british playwright alan ayckbourn , originally titled meet my father, his first play to be a major
- relatively speaking may refer to: in arts and literature: relatively speaking (1965 play), by alan ayckbourn. relatively speaking (2011 play),
- in number theory , two integer s a and b are said to be relatively prime, mutually prime, or coprime (also spelled co-prime if the only
- in mathematics , the concept of a relatively hyperbolic group is an important generalization of the geometric group theory concept of a
- relatively speaking is a 2011 anthology produced on broadway of three plays: 'talking cure' by ethan coen , 'george is dead' by elaine may
- relatively speaking was an american tv game show that aired in syndication from september 5, 1988 to june 23, 1989 the series was hosted by
- relatively speaking: poems about family is a young adult book of poetry by ralph fletcher , illustrated by walter lyon krudop .

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